PDM Plastics Recycling Expo 2016

14th – 15th June 2016, The International Centre, Telford, UK. 

PDM Plastics Recycling Expo (PRE) is an exhibition and conference specifically for plastics recycling professionals. It brings together key players from PRE_PDM 2016the plastics and recycling sectors in order to learn, network and capitalise on the business opportunities plastic recycling offers.

For this year PRE will be taking place within the PDM Plastic Design and Mould exhibition.

14 June, 14:15 – 15:00 Axion Consulting Senior Engineer Richard McKinlay and Dow Performance Plastics Senior Research Scientist Shaun Parkinson will be presenting a collaborative best practice case study on The REFLEX Project: creating a circular economy for flexible packaging by involving the whole supply chain.

Flexible packaging makes up nearly a third of consumer plastic packaging in the UK with virtually all ending up in landfill. Shaun and Richard will be introducing the REFLEX project; an innovative collaborative project aimed at significantly improving the recyclability of flexible packaging and diverting more of it from landfill. They will discuss the possibilities of using innovative inks, new barrier polymers, novel packaging designs and a new automated sorting technique.

Further details on the PDM Plastics Recycling Expo can be found here

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