Petcore Europe Tracer Workshop – How to improve plastics sorting efficiency

24th February 2016, VLEVA Conference Centre, Brussels.

Petcore logoThe aim of this workshop is to stimulate a cross-industry discussion to harmonise the use of tracers into plastic packaging materials. The session will focus on PET as a start and intends to create a precedent for other plastics later on.

The workshop will bring together brand owners, green dot organisations, EU institutions, plastics converters, resin/masterbatch producers, recycling line and optical detection machine vendors, recyclers, waste management companies, research institutes, etc. and provide the opportunity of an open dialogue on this subject. The main objective is to talk and solve this problem as an industry (e.g. very similar approach to the introduction of barcodes on a pack) and align on basic principles and paths forward.

Richard McKinlay, Senior Engineer at Axion Consulting will be presenting on behalf of the REFLEX Project.

Full programme details for the Petcore Europe Tracer Workshop can be found here

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